Suggested reading & viewing

The following works have been selected by North Texas student-athletes, faculty and staff as suggested content for reading and/or viewing based on each works' impact and contributions to the overall discussion of diversity, equity and inclusion in our society.

  • Down These Mean Streets

    Piri Thomas
  • The Official Story

    Directed by Luis Puenzo
  • Food, Texts and Cultures in Latin America and Spain

    Edited by Rafael Climent-Espino and Ana M. Gomez-Bravo
  • Understanding the Latinx Experience : Developmental and Contextual Influences

    Vasti Torres, Ebelia Hernández and Sylvia Martinez
  • Unbecoming Blackness : The Diaspora Cultures of Afro-Cuban America

    Antonio Lopez
  • Raíces: Raza History at UNT

    Activists, Pioneers, Journalists, Athletes and Mentors
  • Newsreel

    The Case Against Lincoln Center
  • Separate is never equal: Sylvia Mendez & her family's fight for desegregation

    Duncan Tonatiuh
  • John J. Herrera Papers

    A Digital Collection from the Portal to Texas History
  • Remembering Jesús Moroles

    From the UNT Special Collections Archive
  • Explore the Mexi-Carte Museum

    A Digital Collection from the Portal to Texas History

Additional media

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